Background information
Feature films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Video games Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Voice Karen Disher
Character information
Species Saber-tooth squirrel
Gender Female
Other names
Fur/Scale/Skin color Red
Eyes Green
Friends Scrat (but got dumped by Scrat for his acorn.)
Fate Briefly dominated by Scrat but became triumphant in getting the acorn

Scratte is a female saber-toothed squirrel, who debuted in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. She is voiced by Karen Disher.

Scratte is completely the opposite of Scrat. She is cunning, elegant, beautiful and smart. The more pathetic and the more stupid Scrat gets, the more smart and the more cunning Scratte gets.

She appears at the beginning of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, battling Scrat over the acorn. She is obviously far more intelligent than Scrat, the only other known saber-toothed squirrel in the series. Scratte does have a love interest in both Scrat and acorns. She also appears to be a flying squirrel with the ability to glide. Scratte is also seen as a love interest for Scrat. She is Scrat's rival and girlfriend.

Through the movie, during Scrat's attempts to retrieve his acorn, Scratte battles with him in order to steal his acorn. Halfway the movie, she was saved by Scrat from falling into a volcano and she falls in love with him, while both forget about the acorn. However, the relationship didn't last much as she gets too bossy and the acorn returns to Scrat. They battle for it however, Scrat (Now lost attraction to Scratte) tricks Scratte, while flying in the air he throws her back into the Dinosaur World. She bounces several times on her large butt, but finally hits the ground and is temporarily unconscious. Meanwhile scrat lands back in the ice land. He looks down into the Dinosaur World, basking in his victory over Scratte. She wakes to the noise of a nearby predator who swallows scatte whole. Still moving around in the predator's belly she finally succumbs and is slowly digested. Scrat shows little intrest in this leaves cheerfully with the acorn.



  • Scratte is a red squirrel, Scrat is grey. The two types of squirrel are natural enemies.
  • Scratte is far more clever than Scrat, as shown when Scrat kept falling for Scratte's tricks.
  • Scratte can glide over holes and long obstacles in the film. In the game, she CAN glide, but only if there is something pushing her, like steam. She cannot glide a long distance in the game.
  • According to the animators, Scratte was given a big butt and chest to act seductive around Scrat and when she is first introduced in the movie, to look more attractive than Scrat when she is trying to get the acorn. But, for unknown reasons, she had a thicker waste, and her butt isn't as big when she is acting innocent around Scrat, like when he took the acorn from her.

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thumb|300px|right|Scratte and Scrat Dance Scene

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